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The Balance of General Hospital

Posted by on Tuesday, January 12, 2016,
As written by GHH member genhos63

Some positive comments on the balance I am beginning to see in Port Charles. Lulu is working at the Haunted Star where Johhny is hiding out- an interesting dynamic between these characters and I enjoy seeing them together. The New Year's Eve party was fun to watch. Nina and Curtis- good chemistry, jealous Franco- fun, Nina is naive about men- also fun to watch. Curtis knowing Franco from his cop days- Curtis is a nice introduction of a new character. He is mov...

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Michael Pays The Price

Posted by on Tuesday, November 11, 2014,
As written by GHH member shayla:

I consider myself more of a Carly fan than AJ fan, but as a Carly fan, she absolutely used Michael as a pawn when she was trying to destroy her mother's marriage to Tony Jones, and lied to both Tony and AJ. AJ did many awful things, he was weak, cruel and selfish and I will never excuse him. I don't think anyone could ever try and pass him off as a saint. Certainly the Quartermaine's were never written as saints, their faults were always on display, and made fu...

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Posted by on Tuesday, September 27, 2011,
As written by GHH Member TVAcademic

One change that [new headwriter] Garin Wolfe has made to GH (perhaps "change back" is more accurate) is a conscious effort to throw the characters into a different mix. Sometimes, this can merely yield a passing phase; other times, it's alchemy.

I'm not sure what came first--chicken or egg. Did GW plan to draw out a friendship between Matt and Elizabeth from a story standpoint, or did he throw them on screen together a few times and find that they had chemist...
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TOO MUCH OF A BAD THING......can be a bad thing.

Posted by on Tuesday, March 22, 2011,
As written by GHH Member, TVacademic

I actually think--as horrid and heart wrenching as it is--that the Jake story that's playing out represents the power of soaps at their best. These three parents are so much a part of our daily lives that we ache with and for them, and these actors, who get so little respect in the greater world of television, are knocking it out of the park. In fact, Rebecca Herbst is doing such a superb job injecting reality into the high melodrama of a soap that her per...
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Posted by on Tuesday, February 1, 2011,
As written by GHH member, genhos63

What a well balanced show today.  First we get a defining moment for Lucky and Siobhan, then Jax and Carly confront their marriage, Jason and Michael connect over the rape and Brenda talks to Dante about the baby.  Four stories, four relationships all moving ahead and getting quality scenes with the actors really bringing their A game.

I know that this can't happen every day but when it does General Hospital is riveting.  No explosions, no gun battles, just pe...
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Posted by on Monday, November 8, 2010,
As written by GHH member, Aster

I see alot of rants about Guza and his story/writing.  I have to say I am enjoying this [Balkan] story quite a bit.  It has lots of twists and turns plus everyone is involved in different/unexpected ways.  From what we see in the spoilers [without getting specific] the revelation of the secrets will affect pretty much all of our couples from the obvious Sonny/Brenda/Claire and Dante/Lulu to less obvious Jason/Sam, Jax/Carly, Lucky/Liz/Irish lass and (I think) Pa...
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Posted by on Thursday, November 4, 2010,
As written by GHH member, genhos63

Brenda goes to visit Edward, that is wonderful, she talks about Lila which is sweet, but let's get real here, Alan died in 2008, AJ in 2005 and Lila in 2004, so why no mention of them?  Brenda loved Alan and AJ, she certainly knows they are dead and their deaths are more recent, so the scene was disrespectful to the Quartermaine history on GH.  Why wasn't Edward talking about Brook Lynn so Brenda will know she's in town and maybe go see her-- but no!!  ...
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Posted by on Saturday, October 23, 2010,
As written by GHH member, Princessvespa

Wow! There is soooo much that I love about GH these days:

Robin and Patrick with a great soapy front burning story!
Tracy and Luke and some FUN!
Brenda and Jason in any scene together and their complicated, amazingly hostile friendship!
Sonny, I can't believe I like him again!
Liz is back!
Carly going crazy over Brenda! Love it!!!!!
And not the least of which......LUCKY!!!! He is FINALLY able to get some action and RESPECT!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE JJ!!!!!!!
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Posted by on Thursday, October 21, 2010,
As written by GHH member, Shayla

Sometimes it's just the little things that get to me. Yesterday, when Michael was sitting all alone at Kelly's, it broke my heart. I couldn't help but reflect on his childhood and all he has been through. My anger and disgust runs deep for all the adults in his life (and some have been and are my favorites) but I feel they have, and are failing Michael now. I remember all the lying and fighting between Sonny and AJ and Carly and Jason and the Quartermaine's and...
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Posted by on Monday, October 18, 2010,
As written by GHH member, TVmom101

Overall, I do not enjoy Epiphany.  It bugs me to no end how she orders doctors around.  Just ONCE, please, I want someone to put her in her place.  I thought she was terrible how she greeted Elizabeth.  That was completely unnecessary.

Maxie and Spinelli:  Good grief.  Do we seriously need Spixie, part two?  First of all, unless they are going to re-write Spinelli into a more mature character, then this version of Spinelli does NOT belong in any kind of romant...
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