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History, Memory, and the Disappearing Woman: General Hospital’s Rape Problem

Posted by on Sunday, September 30, 2012,

As written by GHH member TVAcademic

I admit that, as a feminist soap opera viewer (okay, I only watch General Hospital), I balance a delicate paradox: I am often both within and without the narrative, appreciating the long-ranging story and its feminine applications/implications while at the same time balking at its often reactionary views of gender, class, and race/ethnicity. But I’m not particularly comfortable with binaries in general, so I live inside this paradox, comfortably vaci...

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Posted by on Tuesday, September 27, 2011,
As written by GHH member TVAcademic

So I gather yesterday was the day that ABC tossed aside decades of soap history and replaced it with a rag-tag crew of people talking about things that 20 other shows are already talking about. Of course, it's about the money, not the conversation, and ABC will save tons of it even if this foray into boredom is a relative failure.

But I hope it's a complete failure--the kind that makes the suits (mostly men) reevaluate their choices.

Soaps ain't Shakespeare. W...
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Posted by on Tuesday, February 8, 2011,
As written by GHH member, TVacademic

There's this underlying message that does not sit [well] with me... It's the "saving" of Abby.  First, there's the set up: as a stripper, she, of course, hates her job and has low self-worth.  These elements are not fully troubling (though suspect) on their own, but are then further blurred by the question of prostitution--does she or does she not sell herself for sex, and should we or should we not equate these two things?  Even the presumption that prosti...
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Posted by on Monday, January 3, 2011,
Excerpted from the writings of the following GHH members:


I do think that soaps fall behind where women are concerned... Certain antiquated beliefs are mainstays. For example, women are still seen largely as needing to be saved--most often from themselves--and those who attempt to be their own saviors almost always fail...The woman-power shows of the '90's seem to be a fairy tale now...

Some thoughts I've been having about GH and about homes. We can start with the not-terribly earth-s...
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Posted by on Saturday, October 16, 2010,
As written by GHH member, TVAcademic

I'm bothered...a the corresponding Lisa and Claire story lines.  These are semiotic stories, not based on character but on symbol, and they therefore scream some messages that I think we, as a community of women living in a post-feminist world, should be philosophically concerned with.  They are as follows:

  • A man's bedroom prowess can turn an otherwise reasonable woman into a vengeful demon;
  • Women who put all their attention on their career have made...

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