As written by GHH member, mariainnc

Re:  This is written partly in response to the head writer's recent interview with TVGuide and his joint video interview with Steve Burton on the GHH News page, along with previous comments he has made.

I have a lot of feelings about Guza but sympathy isn't one of them.  Nor do I think he writes for the fans.  If he did Alan, Emily and Georgie would still be alive.  Monica and Edward would grace our screens once again.  The man is either delusional or a liar or maybe both.  On one hand, he kills off the Quartermaines either by death or neglect.  Then on the other, he makes insane comments about it being hard to write GH without the Q's.  In his own words, “Every time we drift away from the family, even though we’ve diluted them a bit over the years, it just feels wrong. So we’re looking to build them up again.” That was when Robin Christopher was returning to her role as Skye and Maya (remember her) was introduced..  Great rebuild there Bob.  Why was Skye brought back? I really don't remember.

Let's face it, if he's not writing for Sonny, Jason and Carly little Bobby gets bored.  Yet he has reassured us that they don't glorify the mob. He believes his own delusions that we don't want to see the end of the mob...."I don't think people want to see that. By putting them in these situations, we have the highest stakes possible of life and death. They have to make incredibly-difficult moral choices all the time. What I will defend to my last breath is that we do not glorify it!".  The head writer continues, "Sonny is the most haunted character on the show. Jason is turning into one of them. If they just merely shot people and weren't haunted by it, then yes, I think we would be open to the criticism. But they're not. It is never taken lightly. I guarantee you that." 

Who's haunted Bob....Jason and Sonny??  Are you kidding me?...I don't think so.  We may see 5 minutes of them bemoaning their life but nothing ever changes nor is there any growth achieved. While I don't mind the mob element in Port Charles, I don't want every major storyline to be about them.  A little balance, more character interactions and less block taping would improve this show and keep the disgruntled fans happy.  As far as Guza doing his best, I don't agree.  His best stuff is in the past.  I find that all the stories he touches turns into epic failures, Including the Jake/Joss storyline, which failed on so many levels.  I'd like to see a new head writer at the helm of this show.  I've been watching General Hospital since before Luke and Laura.  I don't want to see it canceled.  But I'm tired of having the focus of every story arc start and end with the mob.  So I'll just hope for the best but expect the worst.

Just an observation:  To those that hope that one day Jason Morgan may return to being Jason Quartermaine.  Be careful what you wish for.  If he's a Quartermaine again, old Bob may have to kill him off....just saying....