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GH: So THIS happened...

Posted by on Saturday, August 22, 2015,
Rumorville:  UPDATE-  
 Luckily, GH is dark right now so hopefully the thing will blow over. It seems Bryan Craig's parents don't understand how harsh twitter can be, and they butted in where they should not have, and things got out of hand from there. The original poster did make a nasty comment about Bryan Craig but he did not direct it to Craig's twitter timeline personally or in a reply. That is just the nature of twitter...people say all kinds of things.  It began with the original poster...

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GH: Kristen Alderson is playing...

Posted by ghhshirley on Tuesday, April 16, 2013,
Rumorville:  It is looking more and more likely that  Bryan Craig is the NUMorgan (see previous post). He has taped with Michael, Sonny and Shawn thus far.

It looks like Kristen Alderson (formerly Starr Manning) may be playing Serena, Scott Baldwin's daughter with his late wife,  Dominique.  Lucy Coe was their surrogate when Dominique was dying of an inoperable brain tumor.  Alderson has reportedly been taping scenes with Scott (Kin Shriner).

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GH: The Stranger

Posted by ghhshirley on Saturday, April 13, 2013,
Rumorville:  Noah Drake meets someone at the airport.

A stranger was deeply moved by Patrick's speech during the Nurses Ball.

Someone is coming to Port Charles to shake things up.

A Morley (or Clay) has some questions.

There is a possibility that this actor, Bryan Craig, has been given a contract role on GH. 

Here is Bryan Craig's Demo Reel.

It looks like Maura West (best known as Carly on As The World Turns and for the Young and the Restless ) may be taping a few scene...

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