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GH: Nancy Lee Grahn Optimistic

Posted by ghhshirley on Saturday, May 21, 2011,
Nancy Lee Grahn is full of optimism regarding the head writer switch. Here is a composite of her tweets, with minor editing for clarity:

"As soon as the new stuff kicks in it's going to be much better, hopefully there will be something for everyone. I think it'll be great. You've no idea how much faith I have in this new shift at GH. Come aboard. We've aborted North Atlantic, gotten off the Titanic, and aboard the Love Boat."

"I knew about Ingo [Rademacher]. He's my friend and I love him. [His ...
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GH: Writers React to Garin Wolf Replacing Bob Guza

Posted by ghhshirley on Thursday, May 19, 2011,
Karen Harris  (former GH writer, let go by GH in 2010, friend of Bob Guza), "I walked the picket lines with a whole bunch of terrific writers. Garin [Wolf] quit the WGA [Writer's Guild of America] so he could scab. This is his reward. I'm sad, because there are others there who are better writers and deserve it more." 

Brenda Lunsford Lilly  (former TV Writer, but not for GH),  "For you fans who don't understand the politics of this -his crossing the picket line against his co- writers ...
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RE: AMC Breaking News!

Posted by ghhshirley on Monday, April 4, 2011, In : General Hospital Rumors 
Rumorville:  According to Soaps in Depth's editor, it has been confirmed that All My Children is NOT being canceled.  Apparently Lorraine Broderick has been named as the soap's new headwriter. SID's Richard swears it is official.  Broderick signed a multi-year deal as head writer, replacing David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski. Broderick, who has has a long history with the soap and the daytime community, returned to AMC as associate head writer in 2009 and has earned four Emmys with the sudse...
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