Rumorville:  The gossip mill has it that if/when ABC cancels GH in 2012 (as many are predicting to be inevitable despite ABC claims to the otherwise), Prospect Park has rights to broadcast the show for 10 years, just as in the case of AMC and OLTL.

On a related note, apparently Prospect Park has been slow to begin negotiations with most of the AMC cast, fueling rumors that AMC's start on the web will be delayed until January of 2012.  Original reports had AMC slated to premiere on the web in late September of this year.  Meanwhile, word is that Prospect Park has asked AMC's head writer Lorraine Broderick  and creator Agnes Nixon to end AMC's run with a life-or-death cliffhanger, where the audience won't know who in Pine Valley lives or dies in order, to give them leeway until negotiations with cast members are completed.