Rumorville:  Olivia and Dante's relationship takes a turn for the worse after Ronnie is killed.  Turns out she knew there was a hit out on him beforehand and did not tell Dante.

Believe it or not, snippets of a very old rumor may finally be coming home to roost.  There could be another Cassadine heir out there.

Helena may have nuptials in mind for Nikolas (again).

One of Luke's sons takes off and has a (possibly sexual) encounter with a woman he has never met before (Mischa?). 

Ethan receives a lead on Luke. He and Lulu go in search of Luke. 

Uncle Rudy and Tracy may be aquainted, and that is not the only unexpected connections he may have in Port Charles.

Nikolas may claim to Liz that he was using Rebecca to avoid his attraction to Liz.