Liz wants to marry Lucky as soon as possible.
Lucky asks Nik to be his best man.
Nikolas may not be able to go through with losing another woman he loves.
Someone speaks their piece at the LL2 wedding...

Mac will serve as a sounding board for Alexis.
Valentin's actions in the past impacted Alexis' choices in men through the years.

Spinelli will learn about Maxie and Franco, and end it with Maxie.
Maxie will turn to someone unexpected for comfort.

Ethan is Kristina's white knight.
Michael's actions endangers others.

Olivia is furious when Jax and Johnny get Dante to make a risky move.
Franco forces Jason to re-examine himself.
Dante tries to give Jason a helping hand with Franco without revealing how he knows Franco.

Sonny sets a rat-trap.