Rumorville:  Ethan and Rebecca are more than just a little acquainted with each other.  Whether or not there is romantic love between them remains to be seen.  The two came to town for a scam.  What seemed simple has become complicated.  Both are having second thoughts now that Rebecca has developed real feelings for Nik, and now that Ethan has learned he has family in town. Lucky continues to be suspicious of Ethan and is determined to uncover the truth. The problem for Ethan and Rebecca is that someone else may be calling the shots and they have no choice but to stick to the plan...The murder mystery we mentioned several weeks ago on our news page involving Martha Byrne's character is taking shape.  The death of Mayor Floyd's mistress may not have been merely the result of her fall or Matt's surgery--someone else had a hand in it when she became "inconvenient"...Without a DNA test, Ethan's true parentage may still be unresolved---no matter what Holly says.  For now, however, Lulu will accept him as her brother...Are there other Cassadines on the horizon?