Rumorville:  Supposedly, Nina is the daughter of both Shirley Jones' character, Dora, and Victor Cassadine. (It is not clear whether Dora is still married to, or was ever married to Victor.)

The buzz is that Dora has been heading up a secretive organization that has connections with most of GH's villains of the past and present.  Now that Victor is back in Port Charles, courtesy of the WSB, Dora wants his help in ruining both Silas and Ava (among other things?).

Sam and Silas are told that Nina has passed away...but is it true? It may be part of Dora's plan to enact her revenge upon Silas.

Expect Dr. Obrecht to be involved with Victor Cassadine, his project for the WSB, as well as Dora's elaborate schemes.

We are still looking for Silas' younger brother, Justin to arrive. There is bad blood between these two brothers and this will spark Sam's curiosity.

Not too long after AJ leaves town (supposedly after making an attempt on Sonny's life...and Michael pleading with Sonny to spare him afterwords), we may finally see the return of (the recast) Dillon Quartermaine.  He will be needed to help Tracy and ELQ.

Still hearing that Silas' younger brother, Justin Clay is coming on the scene.

As with everything in Rumorville....believe it....or not!