Rumorville:  Will Sonny take the rap for Connie?

Liz may give AJ a helping had in his attempt to gain control of ELQ.

Could there be another baby baking in Maxie's womb?

Look for Jason's "remains" to be found.

Todd goes all out to try to win Carly back, surprising both Blair and Starr, but has she already turned her attentions (and love) back towards Johnny?

Although Jax knows more about Jerry's shenanigens than previously thought, he does not know that Jerry is holding Robin.

NU-Ethan may find himself sought (romantically) by both Kristina and Sabrina.

Will Robin suffer from Stockholm Syndrome?

Molly's novel is published and captures the attention of a mysterious stranger, who finds something familiar about it.

Michael and Starr's relationship continues to deepen, but there could be trouble ahead when Starr sees a face from her past.

Steve Webber dies, and something AJ does is connected to it (but he will not be directly responsible...that may be on Heather).

As with everything in Rumorville...Believe it...or not!