Rumorville:  TJ accuses Alexis of being a bigot.

Johnny introduces Trey to his fist.

Lulu makes an observation about Maxie and Patrick.

Heather threatens Jason.

Todd gets the upper hand on Carly.

Dante risks his badge for Kristina.

Kate's version of what happened with Joe Jr may be less than accurate.
It is possible that Connie Falconeri actually wanted Joe, but Kate had other plans.
The question arises then, when and how did Kate Howard's Dissociative Identity Disorder truly arise?

Kate feels maternal when it comes to Kristina.

Patrick slips up at work but no one's the wiser.

Sonny blasts Jason.

Jason thinks Sam has feelings for John after seeing the kiss.

Sam tells John she's sorry and regrets their kiss.

Lulu keeps a secret which involves several PC citizens.

Further down the road...

Although Ewen's feelings for Liz are genuine, there is more to him than meets the eye.

What, if anything, does Dr. Ewen Keenan know about  the "death" aka disappearance of Dr. Robin Scorpio?

Is it a matter of the mind playing tricks, or playing tricks with the mind?

Anna complicates personal matters for Jason just when he learns he fathered Sam's baby.

When the truth about Sam's baby being alive finally comes to light, Tea jumps the pond.

Will something happen to make McBain believe that Natalie and son are no longer part of the picture?