Rumorville:  Looks like Laura will show up again in March, not long after Kailey Cassadine. Supposedly, Laura returns at Nikolas' request to help Kailey (who is the daughter of Katherine Bell and Stefan Cassadine) learn why she was left at an orphanage after her birth, and why her birth certificate and existance was hidden from the rest of the Cassadines.

Dr. Obrecht will be courted by Victor (so apparently it won't be Lesley Webber as originally rumored?). He will be digging to find out what other secrets she may have about the Cassadines. Looks like that secret is that Stefan is alive and was one of her test subjects.

Not only does Victor plan to revive Helena and Stavros (and they may return this summer) but he plans to utilize the WSB to try to locate Valentin Cassadine. (There was a rumor back in December by gossipgypsy that GH wants Vincent Irizarry for the role of Valentin. At the time, this rumor was denied by Frank Valentini.) Victor is said to find Valentin's mother this summer.