Rumorville:  Nina tattles to Franco when she sees Carly and Sonny together.

More to come with Olivia and Ned.

Jordan passes on important evidence to Dante regarding Fluke.

As initially rumored, it still looks like Levi is after the Aztec jewelry.

Monica and Tracy have another fight about ELQ and Michael.

Another African American male, in Jordan/Shawn's age group, is being cast. 

As previously mentioned, Molly learns that Ric is alive (but keeps it to herself for the time being). Ric is expected to be seen on screen again by September.

Word is to expect to see Julia Barrett before the return of Tony Geary (Luke/Fluke) (who is slowly recovering from his back surgery).

A drama filled encounter between Helena and Fluke? (supposedly slated for this fall). 

We may see Heather again when Tony Geary returns.