Rumorville:   Was that an anvil dropping the other day when Lulu said she was relieved with everything going on that she was not really pregnant?  And if she does later discover that she has been pregnant all along, what effect would the exposure to the pathogen and its cure have on the developing fetus? Would Dante and Lulu see eye to eye on how to proceed?

John and Sam's past connection may be related to a very early storyline of Sam's.

Maxie may not be too pleased when Patrick and Emma become fond of the new "nanny".

Will Robin have reason to deliberately  stay away from her family?

The newest addition to the PCPD will have Jason in his sights.
Jason may be set up to pay the piper for Franco's murder.

Who took the pictures of John and Sam kissing on the docks in July? Its not who you think.

When Sam's baby is returned...will all be revealed to all parties involved?