Rumorville:  For the last two weeks rumors have been running rampant on the net that Lexi Ainsworth has been let go in order to recast the role of Kristina with a more mature looking actress.  Ever since the rumors began, Lexi, a formerly prolific tweeter, has not been back on twitter.

Last week when
Nancy Lee Grahn was asked about the rumor, she simply replied, "No Comment".  Thus far, no one has been able to confirm the rumors, while some sources have outright denied that there is any truth to them.

On October 3rd, the following exchange took place on twitter.  Make of it what you will.

Question to
@NancyLeeGrahn "Can you put rest to the rumor that Lexi was let go? I'm going to so pissed if that's true..."

Answer from @NancyLeeGrahn  "no"