Rumorville:  Anna is taken aback by Emma's growing attachment to Sabrina.  (Wouldn't it be interesting if we found out at some point down the road that Sabrina is Robin's half-sister, the long thought deceased Leora--Anna's daughter with David Hayworth on All My Children?)

AJ may seem all shiny and new, but he is scheming, in true Quartermaine style.  He may try to befriend Sam as she becomes involved in ELQ, via her son.

Look for some surprises when Edward's will is read.  Alan's will may up again... how will Monica react to Alan's secrets (and what of Tracy's previous schemes with Luke)?

John McBain sets his sights on Todd, but how will Sam feel about that?

Will Blair recount the last baby switch....the one involving Jack (from OLTL)?

Starr may want nothing to do with Todd when his actions come to light.

Blair's news about the status of her relationship with Tomas might have thrilled Todd at one time, but...he has fallen for Carly--hard. 

Trey makes a pact with Sonny.

Tracy may find herself in trouble with the law. (Monica's foreshadowing?)

Luke uncovers a connection between Duke and two ne'r do wells.

Lulu may become involved in a mystery which involves both her Spencer and Scorpio connections.