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GH: Fantasies Gone Wild

Posted by ghhshirley on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Under: General Hospital Rumors
Rumorville:  Out of all the fantasies that the women in his life have while he lies in a coma, only Sam's involves Jason as he is now. In Sam's fantasy, they are married and having a child together. However, in Liz's "dream", Jason is not in the mob and wears a suit, but he may not be the "nice guy" one might imagine "non-mobular" Jason to be. Monica imagines her family as it might have been if Jason had become a Doctor, while Carly's fantasy gives a different twist to her friendship with Jason.

Look for Liz and Lucky to spend time with their sons.

Matt and Liz may find themselves working together more on a common interest.

Alexis walks Sam down the aisle at her wedding. Kristina, Maxie and Molly will be her bridesmaids.
Michael, Spinelli and Sonny will stand up for Jason at the wedding.
Sam and Jason DO complete their wedding vows.

Alexis may have some competition for Mac.

NUDoc is dedicated, but he may also have some "criminal connections".

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