Rumorville:  Expect a Christmas Party that will take several episodes to get through.

Dante, Lulu, Robin, Patrick, Johnny, Spinelli, Maxie, Matt, Jason, Sam will be among those in attendance.  Expect Liz to make an appearance as well.

Unfortunately, it appears that Lulu will be taking on way too much holiday cheer in the form of booze during the party.
Ethan has his fair share too.

Spinelli continues to patiently court Maxie...perhaps waiting for her to tire herself out (with Matt)?

Robin feels ill during the party. (We will come to find out she is sick...but from what?)
However, before that she and Patrick, as well as Matt and Maxie enjoy themselves at the party.

Something Shawn does or says results in Jason losing his temper and creating yet another scene, upsetting everyone around him.  Sam will eventually be able to calm him down.  She will be both annoyed and concerned by yet another display of "anger Jason".

Lulu and Dante enjoy picking out their Xmas tree together.

Liz and Matt continue to spend some time together.

In spite of his own issues, Jason remains supportive of Sam, giving her another gift.
As previously rumored, Sam finds out she is pregnant before Christmas, much to Spinelli's comical delight (this will not be a who's the daddy story).

Patrick will be at Robin's side during a very difficult time.  In fact, he will be so devoted, he may end up... shot?


Will he, or won't he?  Renew his contract that is.  Just as Nathan Parsons' character, Ethan, is embarking upon a front burner storyline, his contract comes up for renewal in early 2012.  In a recent issue of TVGuide, Parsons admits, "The timing's not the best," he says. "I guess we'll have to sit down and talk."  Is he yearning for greener, (aka prime-time pastures) or merely playing the ritualistic negotiation game of cat and mouse?