Rumorville:  It looks like Wally Kurth (Ned) will return for one eppy, supposedly to end things with Olivia. 

Word is that it will be Jon Lindstrom himself who will return in the role of Kevin, and he will be treating...Anna!

Don't be surprised if little Jake is involved with the reveal of "Jake is Jason" in an important way.

Spinelli becomes suspicious of Nikolas. Might have something to do with Nik having Jake and Jason's DNA tested? Spin wonders what else Nik knows...

Wild and crazy rumor... The Jake/Jason reveal may cause Liz and Jake's wedding to come to a sudden halt, but what IF, Patrick and Sam have already secretly wed beforehand?  (Take with a heaping grain of salt.)

There are some rumors circulating that Jason Thompson (Patrick) may choose to exit his role this winter.  If so, the exit story is likely to be Robin related, and expect Anna to take care of Emma.

Billy Miller (Jake/Jason) is likely to use his temporary out at the beginning of 2016 to work on some pilots. Miller's contract with GH extends to September of 2016.