Rumorville:  Brad discovers that an embryo is missing and confronts Britt. He wants out from having to lie for Britt because he wants to move forward in a relationship with Felix, without Felix thinking he is being a "deadbeat dad". Britt comes up with a plan that would let Brad off the hook. She will say that she used an anonymous sperm donor.

Dr. Obrecht is furious with Britt that she told Patrick that the baby is not his. Britt wants a relationship with Nikolas, and wants the baby too (even though she knows that the baby is Lulu and Dante's!). Britt continues to keep this from Nikolas.

Dr. Obrecht snatches the baby.

Will Scott's dirty dealings continue after he wins his election for District Attorney?

Jerry makes Robin a promise, her freedom for a cure.

Expect to learn more back story on the trifecta of evil (Helena, Faison, Jerry).

Tiffany (most likely off-screen) gets in touch with Anna Devane.

Robert is not alone when he awakens from his coma.

Rumors are getting stronger that Sean Kanan (AJ) may exit before year's end.  :-(