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Renewed Showdown over Texas Anti-Choice Law Highlights State-by-State Battle for Abortion Access

Posted by on Wednesday, October 30, 2013,
A legal battle is being waged in Texas over the controversial new anti-choice law that inspired a people’s filibuster over the summer. This week, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (who is also running for Governor) has asked a federal appeals court judge to immediately reinstate a key part of the new law a day after it was ruled unconstitutional by a lower court judge.

On Monday, that lower court judge, District Judge Lee Yeakel struck down the provision requiring onerous hospital admittin...

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Posted by on Wednesday, January 4, 2012,

In late December, the Montana Supreme Court upheld the state's ban on corporate spending in state elections, a ruling that stands in direct opposition to Citizens United, via its decision regarding the case of Western Tradition Partnership v. Attorney General, 2011 MT 328. 

Question Presented:  Does the portion of Montana’s Corrupt Practices Act which prohibits a corporation from making “a contribution or an expenditure in connection with a candidate” survive the United States Supreme C...
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Posted by on Tuesday, November 15, 2011,

See the related post, CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to Overturn Citizens United Introduced, further below.

Take the time to read, The Campaign Jungle, which was published in the New York Times Sunday Review on November 13th.

You may want to consider adding your name to the petition to support a constitutional amendment to overturn the ruling at: Democracy Is For People.

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CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to Overturn Citizens United Introduced

Posted by on Monday, November 7, 2011,
The separation of money from politics is key to restoring a healthy democracy. Righting the wrongs of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which allowed for huge new unregulated flows of corporate political spending, has been a rallying point for many within the 99% Movement.

In response to the outcry, on November 1st, six Democratic senators — Tom Udall (NM), Michael Bennett (CO), Tom Harkin (IA), Dick Durbin (IL), Chuck Schumer (NY), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), and Jeff Merkely (OR...
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Posted by on Thursday, October 6, 2011,
Rep. Louise Slaughter and other members of Congress are exploring the failure of Justice Clarence Thomas to disclose that his wife made millions of dollars from clients whose cases were decided by the Supreme Court. Slaughter revealed on “Countdown” that she’s exploring “retroactive recusal” in cases like Citizens United, which would nullify Thomas’ vote and overturn the ruling.

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