If the video clip below doesn't illustrate just how out of touch Mitt Romney is with the anger and everyday struggles of middle class Americans and the working poor, I don't know what would. TheTwoHundredMillionDollarMan aka MrOnePercent just doesn't get it. 

The fact is, that the 1% profited off of the global financial collapse and recession brought on by their own irresponsibility-- with the help of the deregulation championed by the Republicans over the last thirty years-- handsomely.  In fact, their personal wealth and banker's profits have increased by 40% (!!!) since 2008, thanks to the taxpayers who bailed them out.  By the way, has anyone bailed YOU out? How about homeowners? How is your retirement portfolio doing? How happy are you that the obscenely wealthy and powerful corporations now own our elections, our politicians and our government... thanks to well-paid paid corporate lobbyists and Citizens United?  If you want more of the same rigged system, vote Romney and vote GOP. 

As ThinkProgress put it so well, "his pitch as the 'business' candidate who understands the 'real economy' is faltering under heavier scrutiny of his time at Bain Capital. As CEO of the private equity firm, Romney maximized returns by firing workers, seeking government subsidies, and flipping companies quickly for large profits while a significant number of those companies went bankrupt and thousands of workers lost their jobs. 'Make a profit. That’s the name of the game, right?' he said."

"Perhaps his answer shouldn’t be so surprising given how myopic the view is from his high perch. Romney is, after all, a millionaire who is still making money from the predatory equity firm while paying little in taxes and owes much of his political viability to Wall Street's pocketbook. Indeed, he suggested the public office should be the province of rich people" (!!!).

Finally, the terms "99% vs 1%" did not originate from Obama, despite what Romney wants you to believe. It was birthed from the Occupy Movement, and thus far, Obama, although acknowledging the discontent, has pretty much distanced himself from it. So much so, that Obama has come under plenty of criticism from the Occupy Movement himself.