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Bored?  Have some time to kill? 



Play the classic game of PONG. 
Two paddles, one ball, a simple game of table tennis.
Your paddle is on the left, use your cursor to
move the paddle up and down.
Click start to begin.




Try out the Glitter Memory Game
The classic game of concentration with cool glitter graphics. 
Put your brain to the test.
Click restart to begin.  You will have 30 seconds to memorize
the graphics and positions before they will be covered up.
Then click two squares that you think match, and so on.




The GHH Aquarium!
Feed the fish by clicking several times on different spots in our aquarium.
Watch the fish swim to the food!




Meet Barky!

The little guy just below is pretty smart!  A cute example of artificial intelligence.  You may chat with Barky as long as you like.